Thursday, December 14, 2006

Preschool Christmas Party

Last night was Luke's preschool Christmas party. Talk about an eventful evening!
The party took place in the fellowship hall of the Presbyterian church, where his school is located. Because his school is a Co-op each mom has a different job, and mine is special events mom. Which basically means I get to arrive EARLY to the events. Which is quite the adventure when you attend ALONE with 3 children!

So, after giving explicit instructions on how the boys were to behave for the evening (that 1 mommy can't be in 3 places), we entered the hall of chaos and madness. Although the boys were doing the best to obey, it is very hard when all their friends are running around, jumping on the stage, and eating all the cookies and cupcakes they can find.

After the opening 20 minutes of appetizers the children were called on stage to sing their songs. Which amounts to approx. 40 3,4, and 5 year olds on stage. For their first song, they all held candles they had made out of construction paper. Unfortunately, before the second song, the little boy next to Luke, poked Luke in the eye with his "candle". Luke burst into tears and ran to his teacher. After a big hug, he bravely tried to regain composure and finish singing his last two songs. The next song was "Jingle Bells" and they all held bells in one hand as they sang. Because of his eye injury Luke sang his with one hand over his eye, fighting back tears, while shaking his bells and trying to sing along.

Before they went up to sing I told the father sitting near me that I was the "delinquent" parent who didn't even think to bring a camera, while all the other proud mothers stood around video taping their children.

After they sang, I told the same father that I now knew why I'd forgotten my camera.

The final HOORAY was Santa Clause. That part went fairly well, and I did have another mom take a picture of the boys with Santa.

I will post that picture as soon as she e-mails it.

Oh, and that leads me to the other unfortunate event . . . you'll notice in the picture that my boys are wearing batman, and Incredibles T-shirts, while EVERY other kid there was nicely dressed in their holiday finest. Christmas sweaters, dress shirts, even a few ties! And then my kid, standing out like a sore thumb, or should I say EYE.

Sounds like a typical pre-K Christmas program!! Our pre-K to 8th grade musical is tonight. Of course, I have a cold, a bad one. But, that's how it goes.
That made me laugh out loud!!!
It does sound entertaining :)
By the way, I still don't know how you do it all!
I love reading your blog Shannon. Our boys are so similar. We miss you guys. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.
John was part of my first-ever CSF "The Edge" experience... and I just posted a comment at his weblog, after possibly not having been back to it in several years. I am skeptical about whether he remembers me, though, since that first-ever CSF experience was in the Spring 2001 semester.

I posted a comment at this weblog, before going to the CSF retreat, in the Spring 2004 semester. After reading that Haloscan comment, he responded by saying that he did remember me... And I just realized that I've had his blog listed on my blogroll for awhile now.

I was sorry to have seen, from going back to his blog, that he has been having health problems... Is he going to be okay?
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