Tuesday, November 07, 2006

quick updates

Mikayla: She is continuing to take a few steps and she FINALLY broke her first tooth through! It's been a busy week for her!

Luke: He is going to the allergist in the morning (Wednesday). We have always watched what he eats really closely because we've observed food sensitivities. Then, last Tuesday (Halloween) he had an allergic reaction to something. He broke out in Hives. Poor kid, they covered his face with welts and went down his arms, legs, belly, and bum. He was broke out in Hives until Saturday :( I initially thought he was having a reaction to his Halloween mask/costume, but his Dr. said it was more likely something he injested. Hopefully we'll find out tomorrow and he won't be too traumatized.

Logan: Not much new news here. He's currently healthy and growing. He was Batman for Halloween, of course.

John: SUFFERING! His back is hurting him so bad. I hope he gets the right help he needs to get better soon.

I have tons of pictures to post of all the latest happenings. Hopefully I'll get those up soon.

I'll be in Illinois for the weekend. I'm not sure if I'll catch you or not. I'll call.
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